Cabinet de diététique, consultation pour un amaigrissement naturel et durable. alimentation pour pallier diverses pathologies: hypercholestérolémie, troubles gastriques, insuffisance rénale, allergies alimentaires... Conseils diététiques généraux pour aider, à équilibrer son diabète, lutter contre un trouble alimentaire (hyperphagie, boulimie, anorexie).

Mēs esam celtniecības uzņēmums kas nodarbojas ar vispārceltnieciskajiem darbiem, žogu montāžu, celtniecības materiālu ražošanu, specifisku metāla iekārtu ražošanu.

We retail and wholesale Brinsea Incubation and Bird Supplies and Equipment, along with products from Kane Manufacturing, such as feeders, waterers, drinkers, and pet supplies. We also sell Katkabin products.

USB - I2C, SPI, MDIO, GPIO, RS232 converters C++ C# VB.NET LabVIEW drivers LabVIEW programming Hardware & PCB design

Gaceta Aeronáutica’s primary goal is to provide quality and innovative contents dealing with global aviation events on a (minimum) weekly basis. Operating on-line or via other media, our intent is to produce and publish distinctive historical reports, news briefs and reference sections, illustrated with the best possible and most original pictures and graphics.

Ankara doğumlu Dr. Leyla Arvas tıp eğitimini İstanbul Üniversitesi İstanbul Tıp Fakültesi’nde bitirdikten sonra doktorasını tamamlamış ve 2008 yılında Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Uzmanlığını alarak görevini yapmaya başlamıştır.

brain on holiday is devoted to awakening the brain from its everyday malaise by exploring science, art, creativity, the brain, music, philosophy and history in an attempt to see the world anew.

We strongly believe in protecting ourselves, our loved ones, & our world from harmful germs, bacteria & viruses without the use of toxic chemicals. We are here to bring solutions to the infection & environmental issues facing individual consumers, community groups, organizations, restaurants, healthcare & commercial facilities & school systems.

Our services range from substantive IP issues Services include:Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs services; IP Support services; Drafting Patent / Trade marks Specifications;Infringement and Validity Assessments;Trade Marks Oppositions / Invalidations; Anti-counterfeiting; Licensing IP; Domain Name disputes;IP strategies & Pre-contractual due diligence; Technology Transfer agreements; Collaborative Invention R & D; Technology Consulting & Project Management ;

Macon County, MO storm spotters are a non-profit association dedicated to spot severe weather and warn the public by notifying the National Weather Service and activation of our Outdoor Warning Sirens.

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